Tuesday, April 6, 2010

On Turning Three: Happy Birthday Big Kidlet

My "baby" is turning three. He's becoming his own little person. Things are changing, and I'm trying to roll with it, and not tremendously gracefully I might add. When he was a young toddler, he used to sit in my lap nightly as I rocked and asked me to keep singing. Now, when I start to sing randomly during our day, more often than not, he turns to me indignantly and commands me: "Don't sing mommy, don't siiiiiiiiinnnnnggg!" Really? Already? I thought I had a few more years of being the coolest thing since...oh wait...that would be his father. In a myriad other ways he's already starting to pull away from me...and wait, I need a tissue.

Maintaining connection to him has been tough; I barely have a connection to myself right now. But I'm trying. I'm focusing on doing "projects" together when his brother is napping, and I think he really enjoys the unfiltered one on one time. Even though "I do it my-SELF" can be heard at least ten times per day (on a good day), I have noted the tone of happiness when we sit down and work on something and he asks me "we do it TO-gether, mommy?" It makes me happy to. It's doesn't come naturally to me, but it seems to get a little easier with practice.

In honor of my Big Kidlet's birthday, I want to list the things that I love about this kid. He really is such a blessing to me, and I pray everyday that I don't squander the gift that is him.

I love...

  • the things that come out of his mouth right after he wakes up...easily the sweetest, funniest, and most insightful things he says all day;
  • his skin, it's so, so soft, just like The Husband's. Seriously women pay big money to get skin like this;
  • his eyelashes...see above...it's really pretty unfair;
  • his imagination...I love to listen to him in his bed on the monitor;
  • his zest, and oh I pray I help him keep it;
  • that he loves books like his mama;
  • that he wants to help;
  • that he asks questions;
  • that he loves his grandparents, and my sister-in-law, even when I don't;
  • that he points out trucks everywhere we go;
  • that he is a "good sleeper";
  • his laugh;
  • that he has a sense of humor (he'll need it);
  • that he loves breakfast like I do;
  • that he's starting to dance;
  • that he can carry a tune;
  • that he hums when I hug him like I do;
  • that he goes down stairs cautiously and tells me "I be careful, mommy";
  • that he has a tremendous memory (although this can be a challenge);
  • that he doesn't complain, and rarely whines (I know this could change);
  • that he stands up for himself;
  • his eyes, and incredibly his eyebrows, which are the mirror image of mine;
  • that he seems to have an independent streak, and I pray that he is more at peace with it than I have ever been;
  • his naked bottom as he is streaking down the hallway to his bath.
I love this child. I give thanks to God for this child, and ask forgiveness every single time I fail him.

As I have often prayed since his birth, I pray that he grows in character, courage, compassion, and conviction.

Happy Birthday Big Kidlet!


The Mother

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