Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mama Take Note, There is "Fun" in Functional

A good day. I don't mind saying I was a little scared, given how things have been lately to send off The Husband for a few days and go it solo. But I'm happy to say that more than halfway through and everyone is still in one piece, and in fact we have been... enjoying each other. I know, right?!

The thing about having a big challenge in front of me is that I seem to just gather myself, shelve my, well you know, and stand up to meet it. Because my husband isn't around to help, I've had to anticipate and plan better today, and consequently have been able to head off most issues before they blew up. Because he wasn't around, I had to be both functional AND fun mommy; usually it's mostly about functional, because daddy is decidedly more fun than mama. Last night I rolled around on the floor and let Big Kidlet blow strawberries on my tummy, which he of course loved, and I did to. But despite our relatively smoother sailing I will be extraordinarily happy when The Husband walks back through that door.

I tweeted something that pretty much covers it:

"Held a toddler mommy summit and we agreed on a constructive 2 part plan to cease aggressive maneuvers: He'll listen more & I'll play more :) "

A good day. I'll take it.

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  1. Why is it moms are always the functional ones? I fall into the same category. Thanks for the reminder.


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